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Theatre for Living - David Diamond in Europe

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"I greatly admire the achievements of David Diamond and his Theatre for Living. He is (…) doing extraordinary and groundbreaking work in several fields, (…). For what he has already done, is doing, and certainly will do, David Diamond deserves all our support." (Augusto Boal)

August 19 – 24          Level 1 TfL-Training in Innsbruck, Austria
This initial level of training will delve into Group Building, Image Theatre, and Rainbow of Desire. We will also prepare short plays for a non-public Forum Theatre event.
Language: English (easy to understand, basic knowledge is enough)
How much: 450.- €  (Subsidies are available for those in need)
More information and registration:

August 27 – 31          Making character-driven theatre in Innsbruck, Austria        
How often do we see theatre about important community or world issues, where we can’t really engage because the characters’ actions are unbelievable, making the theatre unbelievable? The transformational power of theatre is not in its good intentions; it is in the theatre’s ability to help us recognize ourselves and the people around us (even those with whom we disagree) at a deep and human level. In order to accomplish this, the theatre must be ‘character driven’ - not ‘issue-driven’.  This 5-day workshop will investigate concrete tools to help create character-driven plays about social issues, with complex relationships between the characters. 
Language: English (easy to understand, basic knowledge is enough)
How much: 390.- €  (Subsidies are available for those in need)
More information and registration:

“David Diamond (…) has created a special form of political theatre called Theatre for Living. (…) The unique feature of [Theatre for Living] is that, instead of producing theatre for communities, it makes theatre with communities. In hundreds of projects and workshops [David Diamond] has used theatre as a means to create political change by empowering communities to use the language of theatre – words, movement, gestures, dance – to tell their stories, open up new channels of communication, and face difficult problems such as racism, gender stereotypes, addiction and violence.”
(Fritjof Capra, foreword in David Diamond’s book: “Theatre for Living: The Art and Science of Community-based Dialogue”)

September 5 – 10     Level 2 TfL Training in Pamplona, Spain
Prerequisite: Theatre for Living Training Level 1*
6 days, 8 hours/day. 30 participants maximum. Level 2 focuses primarily on Forum Theatre and Joking (facilitating). Participants will facilitate games, explore Cops in the Head, image animations and Joke Forum Theatre with feedback. I will also introduce the structure of “Your Wildest Dream” a community visioning tool.                                       
This Level 2 workshop is being generously hosted by Escuela Navarra de Teatro .
For registration and fee information contact Fuen Onrubia: 
* either this year in Vancouver (Saturday, July 13 to Thursday, July 18) or Innsbruck (see above) or previously (e.g. Peace Studies Program in Innsbruck)


September 13 – 15    a 3-day workshop on issues of "Us and Them": in Hamburg, Germany, will investigate humanity’s need (our need) to create ‘the other’ and how we deal with being turned into ‘the other’.
This workshop is being generously hosted by Mortiz Schilk. Please contact him directly for information: